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ACI Sports HPS Coiled Remote with Quick Disconnect

This remote allows you to keep your tank on your back instead of on your marker. The coil of the hose gives you flexibility of movement while keeping the hose out of your way. The five feet of high density polymer hose allows you to extend the hose as far as you like yet it contracts down to only 29." The universal fill adapter fits onto virtually any tank and the quick disconnect on the other end fits any gun with A.S.A.

The coiled mamba line is heavy duty and rated at 3000psi. Don't be fooled by the microline coiled remotes that are rated at only 900-1500 psi. This is because as CO2 runs through the hose, it warms up and expands which increases the pressure in the line. So even though it comes out of the tank at 800psi, the pressure in the line can be 2-3 times as much. This can cause the line to burst.

The Pro version also offers a built-in slide check which allows you to turn off the flow quickly without having to turn the knob on the tank. It goes well with the quick disconnect.

So buy a quality product that you can count on when on the field of battle.

ACI Sports HPS Coiled Remote with Quick Disconnect
MSRP: $36.04
Starting At: $27.95
You Save: $8.09
Next expected shipping date is 7/15/2010

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